Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 Happenings - Volume 1

I'm borrowing this from someone, but trying to make it my own. (Thanks Katelynn!)

1. My aunt and uncle from New Mexico flew up to the Tri-Cities for the Labor Day weekend. Good times were had... including Texas hold 'em, Ice Harbor, several BBQs, and wine tasting! Hope you had fun Dan and Mary Beth!

2. Back to the wine tasting... I've never really been until this summer. It's really a good time! For $5 (and sometimes for free) you can taste several of the offered wines. At one place (Barnard Griffins) we tasted about 18 different kinds! We also bought a bottle called Orange Muscat.. pretty tasty! Eventually I would like to take the chartered bus that drives you around to all the various Valley wineries.

3. The day after labor day was a bit of a rough one at school. It's like the kids forgot that we had school last week. Anything I taught them, especially routines and rules, were gone. Starting from scratch... again. :(

4. Hailey and I were supposed to be training for a 1/2 Marathon. If you know us at all, we've been "training for a 1/2 Marathon" since we first met. As you could probably guess we've wavered from this plan a bit. The race is supposed to happen on September 19th, but I haven't run since before I had to report to my classroom. Nevertheless, we are determined to complete one this time... even if we have to walk parts of it! :)

5. Yesterday I was in my classroom working for about 4 hours. Shouldn't that be against the law on Labor Day?

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