Friday, September 18, 2009

5 Happenings - Volume 2

Let's try this again. :)

1. Tomorrow I will be running... jogging... no, participating in my first 1/2 marathon. Hailey and I made up our minds to do this about a month and a half ago. But since the start of the school year, I haven't really kept up my training. I'm determined to finish it though. Hopefully you won't be reading my obituary next week.

2. This week I wrote a song on my guitar! Well, actually I borrowed the words from Psalm 121, but I still put it to some chords. I'm usually not that good at making anything original. I can play almost anything if you give me the tabs/chords for it, but writing lyrics and putting them to a particular chord progression is not common for me. As for why I chose Psalm 121, I just opened my Bible to the first Psalm I could find. It just happened to work for the music I had made up. If you are lucky, maybe someday you can hear it! :)

3. Last weekend was the quick start for a fundraiser my school is doing. Students received pledges for the Fall Frolic Race that is happening on October 10th. I was blown away at how much the kids raised last weekend alone. They took in over $7,000 in just over two days! This was the most raised on the opening weekend than any other year!

4. I am amazed all the time at how good Hailey is at her job. She would probably tell you differently, but she really does a great job. Families are constantly thanking her and praising her for what she does for their child. A lot of services and money have been cut from the state, but Hailey goes above and beyond to make sure that the families get what they need. I know there are days that kill her because she can't help anymore than she already has. But I am very proud of what she does each and every day.

5. Did anybody watch the season premier of the Office last night? Parkour!

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